Alleged serial rapist ‘manhandled’ student at party with ‘excess force’, trial hears

A university student has told a jury how an alleged serial sex attacker manhandled her onto a bed and sexually assaulted her playing a ‘dare’ game at a party.

The young woman, who can’t be named for legal reasons, is the fourth alleged victim of fellow university student Charles Goodwin, a court has heard.

Today (Wednesday), a jury at Liverpool Crown Court watched her video recorded police interview.

Goodwin, 21, formerly of Salford, is on trial denying 12 charges involving one student in Manchester and three in Liverpool.

His is on trial charged with six rapes, sexual assaults, assault by penetration and attempted choking.

The court has previously heard how Goodwin transferred to Liverpool after the first alleged attack came to light.

The woman said the alleged incident happened after she, like another of the alleged victims on an earlier occasion, had been taking part in a drinking game at a student party and she was ‘seven out of ten’ on a scale of drunkenness, the trial heard.

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The undergraduate said she had never met Goodwin before and during the “dare” game he allegedly came over, grabbed her face hard and kissed her.

“Being under the influence I just went along with it and kissed him back,” she said in the interview played to the court.

Questioned about it, she agreed it had been “a full on snog, with tongues.”

The jury heard her describe Mr Goodwin as “a slick, smooth, charming character”, but not her type at all.

The woman said he then kissed a girl sitting next to her and half an hour later, he said to the alleged victim, ‘this is not really a dare but come with me’.

“He gestured and said ‘come with me’ and we went into a bedroom where we were kissing at first and I was ok with that,” she added.

The court heard his interest in her had made her feel good and it was “an impulsive decision to follow him. I wasn’t thinking at all.”

She claimed he told her to take off her trousers and said she had “a distinct memory of him pulling the belt from my trousers and throwing it on the floor.”

“I took my trousers off…he pushed me onto the bed, he manhandled me down. He was a stranger and we had almost no contact whatsoever,” the jury heard.

“The fact his reaction was just to push me down felt quite odd.”

She said that he did not say anything but alleges “he used excess force and it freaked me out. It was in the way he did not acknowledge me.”

The court heard he had previously been outgoing, but he changed and appeared to be concentrating and focused.

The way he allegedly manhandled her was “slightly aggressive” and sudden and the woman then ‘felt on edge’.

“He was just moving my body around.”

She then claimed he assaulted her by penetration.

“I wasn’t enjoying it at all and I just remember lying there. I don’t know why I didn’t say anything. My mind went, if I just zone out then it will be over”, she told the court.

“I didn’t struggle or say ‘no’, I just lay there.”

The court heard her say she did not think she could risk saying anything to him because he was quite aggressive.

She claims he then quickly got off her and said they had better leave the room or the others would think ‘something was going on’ and he left, leaving her lying half-dressed on the bed.

The woman was trying to put her clothes back on when the student whose bedroom it was came in, the jury heard.

Goodwin and his friend were allegedly then told to leave, which they did.

The court heard that her friend then went downstairs to the reception to report the alleged incident.

Cross-examined she said she had a boyfriend at that time so felt uncomfortable going into the room with Goodwin but her “inhibitions were down and the party atmosphere encouraged me to go.

“There was no indication what would happen in that room,” the court heard.

Goodwin, of Hilbre Street, Liverpool city centre, but formerly of Salford, denies assaulting the student by penetration.

He also denies all the other offences which include six rapes, sexual assaults, assault by penetration, assault and attempting choking, between January 2020 and May last year.

The jury of seven men and five women has heard that the defendant, who was on double bail at the time of the final alleged attack, admits having sexual activity with the four young women but claims it was consensual.

The case continues.

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