Armed Forces Appreciation Day – 2022

Could God Bless the Unified Freedom Drive of the U.S. Armed Forces. Divided we will fall, however United We Will Stand!


Several People could not even notice that Saturday is among the official parts of MIlitary Appreciation Month, or that the month of Could has such a designation. However, Armed Forces Appreciation Day is a authorized vacation. It’s commemorated on the third Saturday every Could. The vacation was established throughout Harry Truman’s administration as a part of the Nationwide Safety Act of 1947. Nevertheless, the acute irony engulfing this vacation in 2022 is one other Democrat within the White Home is unraveling the real intent to foster appreciation for the Armed Forces that President Truman had initiated.

In the present day, Americans are witnessing President Joe BIden, not solely unraveling the insurance policies and packages initiated by President Donald Trump, we’re additionally witnessing the undermining of The U.S. Army. Whereas Harry Truman’s objective in creating Armed Forces Appreciation Day was to unify the army, Biden’s purpose appears to be sowing the seeds of division and disunity throughout the ranks of the army. The Democrats have initiated a number of efforts to weaken the U.S. army from inside. As a substitute of honoring the women and men in uniform, and selling the unity of our Armed Forces, the brand new Democrat tyranny is sowing the seeds of disunion and division in at the very least three important areas throughout the ranks in any respect ranges.

Especifically, the COVID induced mandates, forcing the quite spurious theories of “Plandemic” containment upon the women and men in uniform and forcing them into vaccinations or threats of extreme punishment or a purge from the army. The tales are horrific and paying homage to an administrative autocracy hellbent on establishing absolute authority over women and men who could be prepared to die for the nation.

One other demonstration of this effort to undermine the army is the force-feeding of Vital Race Principle upon a extremely “captive audience.” There seems to be little or no resistance to this try at brainwashing our army personnel with Marxist-rooted mental propaganda and totally false historic narratives which have been debunked by respectable historians. So, why does it proceed?  Who will lead the cost to assist reverse such a damaging tendency?

Such actions show that the Democrat Get together in 2022 is not the Get together of Harry Truman or John F. Kennedy. These males could be turning over of their graves to see such treason. 

Two extra clear acts undermining the US’ army is the current “purge” of loyal People inside our Armed Forces who consider America is outstanding, or the “purge” of loyal People inside our U.S. army following the Marxist-led “insurgency” upon the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. If anybody is in denial that it was an “insurrection” by unarmed civilians, it’s they who’re thought of disloyal and unAmerican. Absolute authority can’t be questioned and that’s the reason the “Ministry of Truth” was created. And, whether or not it is going to stay as an official arm of the Federal authorities, or whether or not it turns into a covert “KGB-styled” operation, it’s a tragic assertion about how our authorities is quick turning into the enemy of the individuals.

The individuals who have their eyes and ears open are conscious of such a diminishment of our women and men in uniform. No quantity of lip service, hole phrases, or pretend fanfare for our Armed Forces can conceal the reality of how the seeds of self-destruction are being sewn throughout the U.S. army. If our federal authorities can demoralize, devalue, and divide our army, it has the identical impact as defeating the army from inside – like most cancers eats away and consumes a human physique from the within. America doesn’t want enemies if we permit our personal authorities to takeour army out earlier than any pictures are fired. Looks like Solar Tzu technique to at least one who is aware of it.

Ironically, President Truman sensed the necessity for a reorganized army for the safety of the US and the preservation of America’s values. On a bigger scale, Truman meant to create a army able to defend the nation, or to defend the chums of freedom when it might be essential. With all issues thought of, if President Truman had not challenged the Congress to efficiently re-organize the branches of the army to be extra environment friendly and efficient, our nation wouldn’t have been ready to assist the individuals of Korea.

On Aug. 31, 1949, Harry Truman’s secretary of State introduced the institution of a joint Armed Forces Day to exchange the custom of honoring individually the women and men within the Military, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Drive. Lower than a 12 months later, Kim Il-Sung’s North Korean Communist authorities invaded South Korea. By August of 1950, U.S. troops poured into South Korea underneath the authority of the United Nations. In the present day in 2022, the Biden Administration is undermining the unity of our army, and nobody can actually know what’s going to occur inside yet one more 12 months. Already the warfare between Russia and the Ukraine reveals indicators of escalating.

Certainly, there are ominous indicators on the horizon, and one could must ponder greater than whether or not Biden and his band of Elitists, Globalists and Marxists admire the U.S. Army. We the Folks should step as much as present our appreciation for the women and men in uniform, as it’s good for them to know we’ve got their backs, if they’ve ours. Could God Bless the Unified Freedom Drive of the U.S. Armed Forces. Divided we will fall, however United We Will Stand!

Jonus Freeman — Bio and ArchivesJonus Freeman is a conservative political commentator who has written for quite a few on-line publications together with Canada Free Press, Communities Digital Information, Examiner.com, Fairfax Free Citizen, Crimson State, and The Washington Instances (Communities)

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