Cometh the Hammer–the Final Battles of the Russo-Ukrainian War

Ukraine’s japanese forces lay huge open to assaults from the west. They’ll give up in a fortnight.


Donetsk Oblast spans 26,517 sq. kilometres. (For comparability: Maryland covers 25,142 sq. ok.; Wales encompasses 20,789 sq. ok.; and Vancouver Island: 31,285.)

In 2014 Donetsk separatists joined their northern comrades in Luhansk Oblast in declaring independence from Kyiv. The following 5-month conflict yielded a 450-kilometre “Line of Contact” severing western Donetsk Oblast from its capitol. Ukraine’s military held western Donetsk on the present conflict’s outset, February 24, 2022.

Previous to February 24 each Ukraine and Russia poured troops and gear into this theatre. Ukraine positioned half its 200,000-strong floor pressure alongside this japanese entrance.

The anticipated headlong Russian cost throughout the outdated scrimmage line by no means materialized. A full frontal assault would have wrought large casualties as a result of the Ukrainians spent a number of years concretizing firing positions and sowing minefields west of the Line of Contact.

As a substitute, the Russians despatched divisions by means of Crimea and Belarus to threaten Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa. This was diversion. Overrunning Kyiv would have spelled even larger casualties. The Russians sought to neither storm, nor encircle, these cities. Threatening these cities sufficed to paralyze Ukraine’s excessive command and freeze Ukrainian property in place.

February 24: sixty thousand of Ukraine’s best-trained, best-equipped troops burrow into the Line of Contact’s western vistas.

April 4: these forces stay in place with out having seen fight.

Russia’s air pressure, navy and drone warriors chip away at Ukraine’s navy infrastructure and gear. Russia claims to have destroyed 4,000 navy automobiles and 800 artillery items. A lot of this carnage occurred amidst ground-fighting in Mariupol, however Ukraine’s Donetsk contingent has not been spared missile and drone assaults. Blasted warehouses haven’t been re-stocked.

Donetsk’s second largest metropolis, Mariupol (pre-war inhabitants 450,000), laying west of the Line of Battle, fell underneath the management of a quasi-rogue but de facto southern command centre for Ukraine’s japanese operations.

On March 7, the Russians surrounded Mariupol, trapping 15,000 Ukrainian troopers. By April 1, 4,000 Ukrainians occupied tunnels beneath three pockets of Mariupolian rubble. Clearing operations on these rabbits’ warrens started April 2. Downtown was cleared in two days. The Russians not too long ago downed three helicopters dispatched to rescue Ukrainian discipline commanders.

Because the Battle of Mariupol winds down, Russia concentrates on Donetsk.

Luhansk Oblast is 90% Russian-controlled. Combating rages within the final 2,500 sq. ok. of contested Luhansk territory.

Donetsk Oblast stays 45% (12,500 sq. ok.) Ukrainian territory.

Final battles shall be mainly cannonades with the Russians possessing overwhelming artillery superiority. The battles shall be a possibility for Russia’s military-industrial-complex to showcase their wares. 

These would come with the “Msta”—a closely armoured self-contained howitzer impervious to all however direct anti-armour ordnance strikes. Mstas cruise at 60 kph. They hearth 45-kilo fragmentation bombs at a fee of ten per minute. Rocket-assist projectiles hit targets 28 kilometres away. (Russia owns 1,100 Mstas.)

The upcoming conflagrations will debut the newest 2S7 Malka improve—the world’s largest cell artillery weapon—able to firing 100-kilo projectiles to distances of 47 kilometres.  

Ukraine will counter these Malkas and Mstas with a depleted stock of unarmoured, non-rocket-assisted, truck-towed, Nineteen Seventies-era field-guns.

One other Russian armoured artillery automobile, the TOS-1A, shares the Msta’s mobility. The TOS-1A is a a number of rocket launcher able to lobbing 24 thermobaric bombs, in 1.5 seconds, to distances of 9 kilometres. Thermobaric bombs spray, after which ignite, mist-clouds of gas. A single full TOS-1A volley inflicts a “zone of annihilation” barely bigger than an expert soccer pitch. TOS-1As goal troops in foxholes and trenches.

Air superiority offers the Russians micro-detailed, up-to-the-second arial panoramas of all battle-fields. Gunnery sergeants obtain actionable focusing on intel on the velocity of sunshine.

Scurrying like blind mice, the Ukrainians won’t maintain a sq. metre of open-field Donetsk.

Available civilian cowl consists of a 20-kilometre by 60-kilometre banana-shaped strip of north-west Donetsk operating from Sloviansk (pre-war pop 115,000), south by means of Kramatorsk (200,000), to Konstiantynovka (75,000).

The Russians not too long ago captured Izium, fifty kilometres northwest of Sloviansk, blocking the street to Kharkiv. Russian forces north of Mariupol encroach upon Konstiantynovka’s environs. Additional southwest, Melitopol, has been a Russian hub a month. Ukraine’s japanese forces lay huge open to assaults from the west.

Civilian populations in these potential redoubts, lowered by exodus, don’t supply a lot human defend potential. Furthermore, Ukraine’s skilled discipline commanders appear disinclined to implement the pathological human defend technique deployed by Mariupol’s zealots. They’ll give up in a fortnight.

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