Couple shocked to find they spent £2,000 on one trip to a museum

A shocked household who requested for assist with their funds have been advised by consultants they’d spent £2,000 on one journey to a transport museum. Kerrie and Ian Fitzgibbon appeared on Channel 4’s Secret Spenders as a result of their family revenue has halved and they’re hoping to avoid wasting £35,000 for a loft extension.

As consultants began digging by their spend they discovered plenty of uncommon outgoings -including the £2,000 for a visit to a close-by transport museum. And the consultants identified the membership was truly renewing and costing them £2,000 – yearly.

The Fitzgibbons, who’ve two youngsters have a yearly revenue of £39,000 due to dad Ian’s job as an IT engineer, the Specific stories.

However their revenue is half what it was as mum Kerrie misplaced her job in the course of the pandemic. Taliing of Ian, she mentioned: “He’s a bit of a shopaholic. He’s got his interests but they are expensive interests. He still wants to get nice things as if we’re both earning but we’re not. I want to be able to save money.”

Amongst these pursuits are vinyl file accumulating, practice memorabilia, spoiling his daughters and public sale websites. One stunning revelation was the household’s expenditure after visiting a transport museum. Kerrie mentioned: “We went as a family once and it’s not really my thing so I was like ‘Get me out of here’.” Regardless of having solely been to the museum as soon as, the household had VIP ticket membership – which finance professional Peter Komolafe revealed was truly costing them £2,000 a yr.

Neither of the pair knew the tickets have been consuming a lot of their price range, with Mrs Fitzgibbon including: “If I had known that would’ve been cancelled a long time ago!” Nonetheless, it was Ian’s public sale web site obsession that Mr Komolafe was most frightened about, the place Mr Fitzgibbon was spending roughly £100 monthly.

He mentioned: “You know what it’s like, logic goes out the window when you bid and you end up spending more than you actually intended.”

Secret Spenders airs Thurdays at 8pm on Channel 4 and All 4

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