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I do think that the republican party has a real civil war on its hands


I recently had occasion to have reported to me the comments of a local news anchor. The man was said to be completely sincere when he advanced the notion that the two main political parties in America should likely split into four parties. Once can see his logic.

A strong Constitutional subset of the republican party could easily win elections at the county and state level

Both parties are overcome by intense in-fighting with clear divisions visible. The democrats have a far left progressive branch that is bent on authoritarian rule and centralized control of the means of production. These people want to disarm the citizens, take away the rights of free speech and practice of religion as one sees fit and destroying all institutions that might come between citizen and the government. Of course, the democrats have a remarkable track record in coalescing around rallying calls. This is why they are so hard to beat in elections. On the right side of the aisle, the blue and gray collar, forgotten man and woman have decided they are disgusted with the patronizing, self-serving attitude of the ruling elite and have found a champion in Donald J. Trump. Remembering that Trump is simply the vessel, the real issues are that the people want a voice, want to be left alone, and want to be secure inside their borders,. If the ruling elite will not provide those things, the forgotten men and women will go elsewhere for support. Again, however, our current system suppresses the ability of strong sub-elements of the major parties to be successful in gaining elected seats at the table. Still, the idea of four parties versus two is intriguing. I think it could work—much to the benefit of all Americans.

The approach would have to be focused on starting at the local level and working one’s way up to the national level in electoral activity. A strong Constitutional subset of the republican party could easily win elections at the county and state level. I look at states in my part of the country to draw those conclusions. If one were to run state district by district, filing as a separate party affiliate, one could get on the ballot. Once on the ballot, then the real campaigns could be conducted where a strong conservative agenda could be advanced.

The democrats are the party of “isms”

It would be easy to identify the true conservatives, because they would stand on the four pillars of conservatism—limited government, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and protection of cultural values. Any candidate who does not stand firmly on these four pillars cannot claim to be a conservative. The ruling elite of the republican party are big government people. They do not believe in Constitutionally limited government or fiscal responsibility. They lack the courage to defend our cultural values. Many say they support a strong military, but they will not defend our borders or take care of our 21 million veterans who have sacrificed so much. After taking inventory, these individuals are barely republican, let alone conservative.

The democrats are the party of “isms.” One has to wonder how many “isms” it takes to have a portion of the party break off like a giant iceberg in the North Atlantic. There are certainly elements of the democrat party that openly advocate for the complete centralization of power in Washington, DC. These people want population control, a socialistic economy, absolute control of the population, the eradication of religion and the re-education of those who might be political foes. It seems that it is only a matter of time before this splinter of the democrat party grows and takes control. This radicalization of the people may push many into the nether land where there is no home base or set of principles around which to rally.

Is it likely that we will see the major parties split? Probably not. However, I do think that the republican party has a real civil war on its hands. People will demand a movement back toward real conservative principles, or the consequences in elections will be disastrous. Perhaps a congressional district by district effort will save the party—and the nation—from itself.

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Sam Clovis was raised in Kansas and attended the United States Air Force Academy, serving for 25 years on active duty as a fighter pilot.  He retired as a Colonel and the Inspector General of NORAD and the United States Space Command.

Sam served as a Fellow at the Homeland Security Institute, contributing in national preparedness and immigration policy.  He recently served as a tenured full professor of economics at Morningside College.

Sam has a BS from the Academy, an MBA from Golden Gate University and a doctorate from the University of Alabama.  He served as national co-chair and chief policy advisor for the Trump for President Campaign, was a policy director during the transition period and served as the Senior White House Advisor to the US Department of Agriculture.  He currently lives in rural Iowa.

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