LAPD identifies man killed by police after taking woman hostage at downtown L.A. apartment

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Police Department released video footage and additional information about the police shooting of a man who had taken a woman hostage in downtown Los Angeles.

The man, whom police identified as 45-year-old Rudy Anderson of Los Angeles, was fatally shot by SWAT officers on Oct. 8, 2021, after they stormed an apartment in a building at Sixth and Main streets where Anderson was holding a woman hostage, police said.

The LAPD released recordings from body cameras, security cameras, footage taken by neighbors, 911 calls, images and other pieces of evidence in a 10-minute video on Thursday.

The video, which contains strong language and violence, depicts the events leading up to the police shooting and the immediate aftermath. It can be found on the LAPD’s YouTube channel.

Anderson was pronounced dead at the scene by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The woman was unharmed, though earlier that day, Anderson shot and wounded a 14-year-old boy and attempted to shoot several others, police said.

Anderson also attempted to use his gun to carjack a driver and steal a bicycle in the downtown area, police added.

Anderson’s gun, which the LAPD shows to be a snubnosed revolver, was recovered at the scene and booked into evidence, according to Capt. Stacy Spell of the LAPD.

The investigation remains ongoing, and a determination has not yet been made about what discipline, if any, the officers who killed Anderson will face.

“In the next several months, the LAPD will continue to investigate and analyze this incident,” Spell said.

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