Lawyer: ‘Evident FIGC attacking Lazio’

President Claudio Lotito’s lawyer claims ‘it is evident that Lazio are under attack by the FIGC’ after the Lega Serie A criticised Maurizio Sarri for being ‘rude.’

The club has repeatedly clashed with the authorities over the last few months.

Most recently, Sarri complained that they were being forced to play Bologna in Serie A just 61 hours after their Europa League game with Lokomotiv Moscow, a match they went on to lose 3-0 on Sunday.

Lega Serie A chief Paolo Dal Pino responded today with a comment that will further exacerbate the situation.

“Sarri has declared war on the Lega, but I don’t think he said these things in the Premier League when he had to play 60 hours later. Here he had 61,” said Dal Pino.

“We are accustomed to pressure from clubs and coaches, what we do not appreciate is people who are rude.”

There was also the incident last week when Lotito was barred from entering the FIGC headquarters for a meeting of club Presidents.

That is because he is currently suspended due to the row over COVID-19 tests that did not meet the requisite guidelines.

Lotito has appealed the verdict and claims he is able to attend during the appeal, but the Federation replied that the ban was still active.

This evening, Lazio lawyer Gian Michele Gentile spoke to Radio Incontro Olympia about the situation and made some bold claims.

“It is evidence that Lazio are under attack by the FIGC. The Lega Serie A always talk about Sarri, when I saw a different coach during the derby who stepped onto the pitch to get the ball back.

“(FIGC President Gabriele) Gravina has never disguised his hostility towards Lotito, who should not have been thrown out of the Federal Council.”

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