Row between FIGC, Lazio and Lotito intensifies

The row between Lazio President Claudio Lotito, the FIGC and Lega Serie A is intensifying, with threats of legal action and accusations of ‘trying to distract attention from responsibility.’

Lotito is currently suspended due to irregularities in the way Lazio performed COVID-19 tests last season, which saw Ciro Immobile and other players allowed to participate in Serie A games when they were barred from doing so in UEFA Champions League fixtures.

Lazio always insisted the different interpretation of the COVID tests were down to the laboratory they used in Salerno.

They have appealed against the verdict, but in the meantime, the FIGC maintains Lotito is still suspended, whereas he tried to gain access to the Federation meeting – and was thrown out.

Now Lotito is threatening legal action against the FIGC and his lawyer declared it was ‘evident that Lazio are under attack’ by the Federation.

Lawyer: ‘Evident FIGC attacking Lazio’

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina hit back via news agency ANSA today.

“We are stunned to learn that in the reconstruction given by President Lotito and his lawyers they are talking erroneously about point 4 in the Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport sentence, where it is clearly written that using one positive player and keeping one on the bench represents very serious negligence.

“His guilt has been judged. There are no made-for-measure rules, the rules are the same for everyone and must be respected.

“This is nothing personal, if anything it is Lotito who is trying to make this personal to distract attention from his responsibility.”

The appeal hearing is set for October 19.

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