Scott Morrison has been replaced by ‘a fake’: Bolt

The Scott Morrison of old has been “replaced by a fake” pretending to be the Liberal prime minister, according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“And dare I say, a fool,” Mr Bolt said.

“This fake Morrison was out there today … praising electric cars as a big solution.

“This fake Morrison was today promising to give us 50,000 new charging stations for electric cars, more money to integrate them into the power grid.

“And we know he was a fake Morrison because, for one, he’d forgotten that the real Morrison had always been against electric cars not three years ago – at the last election, when Labor was saying it wanted half the new cars bought in 2030 to be electric.”

Mr Bolt said it’s “stupidity” that Mr Morrison would reinforce criticism against him which says he is “untrustworthy” and a “salesman with no convictions at all”.

‘Where did the real Scott Morrison go – was there ever a real Morrison to start with,” he said.

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