Sukkar: Religious freedom bill to combat erosion of rights of people of faith

Housing Minister Michael Sukkar says Scott Morrison’s religious freedom bill will combat the erosion of the rights of people of faith at the hands of the media, political and corporate classes.

The prime minister is set to introduce the proposed legislation to parliament this week as he hopes to fulfil a promise he made to people of faith during the 2019 election.

Mr Sukkar told Sky News Australia the bill has the “overwhelming support” of the Coalition party room despite concerns from moderate MPs over the treatment of gay students and teachers by faith-based institutions.

“Let’s be frank, in the last few years, whether it’s via the media class or the political class or the corporate class, it’s people of faith who have been seeing their rights eroded, seeing their rights to belief and faith eroded so we’ve got to protect them, and there are millions of Australians who deserve that protection,” he said.

“We made that commitment solemnly before the last election, every single member of the Coalition was elected on that platform at the last election.

“My sense is that we’ve had a very healthy debate inside the Coalition, that will continue throughout this process but my sense is that the bill being introduced today by the prime minister has overwhelming support within our party room.”

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