Survey shows ‘stronger support’ for nuclear energy than expected: Chris Kenny

Research company Compass has done a survey on a sample of respondents, with results showing a “stronger support” for nuclear energy than expected, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“First some exclusive new polling about the one technology that could actually make the net zero target achievable – the only reliable, affordable electricity supply that also happens to be emissions free – nuclear energy,” Mr Kenny said.

“Research company Compass did some polling for the Page Research Centre, a Nationals-affiliated think tank, on whether people thought nuclear ought to be part of Australia’s low emissions future.

“When they asked the question in March, in a sample size of more than 1000 people, a clear majority of respondents – 55 per cent – said yes, nuclear should be considered. That’s a strong result.”

Mr Kenny said when Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the nuclear submarine deal in September, Compass conducted the same survey about nuclear energy, which resulted in a response of 69 per cent support.

“This result I should say gels with a similar trend we have seen from public Newspoll surveys.

“So, it goes to show that apart from being a practical energy solution, nuclear might be a much easier political sell than many have previously thought.”

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