The Great Reset is The Great Con

So use your energy to look into their hearts. See what’s there.


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More than a yr in the past, I identified that you just shouldn’t search for logic in attempting to determine why COVID necessitates The Great Reset.

It’s a hustle, and never an excellent one.

The essential PR grifter, Klaus Schwab, founding father of the World Financial Discussion board, factors to the devastating financial penalties stemming from the pandemic. THAT’S why we’ve got to reorder the entire planet.

Digging down just a few inches beneath his bloviation

But digging down just a few inches beneath his bloviation, we see this: the financial devastation equals THE LOCKDOWNS.

In different phrases, the lockdown coverage of governments introduced on the financial horror story—-and now, to right THAT motion—-which by no means ought to have been taken within the first place—-we have to rework the world by placing Globalists in full management.

For those who purchase that line of thought, I’ve condos on the market on Jupiter.

Right here is one other translation of what Schwab is saying: With individuals reeling from the COVID restrictions, Globalists can pull a smoke and mirrors act and steal all the pieces they haven’t already stolen.

Schwab then follows this up with a brand new pile of gibberish about turning firms into “stakeholder capitalists.”

That means: These corporations would care extra about their staff, their communities, their environmental impacts, and the planet.

The imprecise generalities are a tip-off. Any individual goes to need to outline them and implement them. That will be…who? A forms of huge measurement working for a worldwide governance physique.

When you’ve got religion in such a system, I’m promoting all of Jupiter. Money solely, up entrance.

Remodeling “the global order”

A phrase about environmental impacts. If polluting firms themselves weren’t controlling nationwide departments of justice, we’d have already got a far cleaner surroundings. And plenty of company CEOs—-friends of Schwab—-would be in jail.

Remodeling “the global order” isn’t going to resolve environmental issues. Lowering “our carbon footprint” by reducing vitality manufacturing the world over—-thus creating extra poverty—-isn’t an answer.

The want for a Reset doesn’t circulation from COVID. The false pandemic was launched SO THAT a Reset might be ushered in.

Sadly, we’ve got hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of rubes and yokels who—-when billionaires say LOVE AND PEACE and WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER—-get down on their knees and exclaim FINALLY, A BETTER WORLD.

What would that higher world really include?

Wall to wall surveillance; common assured earnings tied to social credit score rating; elimination of personal property; large censorship; freezing and seizure of financial institution accounts; applied sciences deployed to re-program people—-this “Great Reset” is—-miracle of miracles—-a set of plans that sprang to life full-blown within the minds of Humanitarian Leaders AFTER COVID was introduced in January of 2020.

Positive. You guess. Uh-huh.

The oldest con of cons is bait and swap.


How do you assume leaders have at all times conned their followers?

Bait individuals with a narrative a couple of virus, after which when you’re “protecting them” from the fairy story germ, swap over to the Reset. And say, “Don’t worry, it’s part of the protection.”

Right here’s an argument mentally challenged persons are fond of creating: For those who sincerely and earnestly need a greater planet, that’s all that counts. The particulars, and who will take cost in creating that planet, are of minor significance. Depart the job to the specialists.

However wishing doesn’t make it so. Generalities don’t routinely translate into desired outcomes.

How do you assume leaders have at all times conned their followers? By promising them ache, struggling, poverty, and slavery? Leaders supply peace and happiness. They need to. The happiness will come on this life or the subsequent. And it will likely be managed by entities the leaders promote.

Even when the supervisor is God Himself, it’s not your God, it’s the God within the tales the political leaders inform. He’s the one they need you to worship. They know you’ve got your individual, they usually attempt to make you imagine theirs and yours are the identical.

They say there’s a Plague within the land, and God or the Satan or Nature or a Lab despatched it; and simply over the horizon sits the overarching Reply; the attractive Daybreak. The Promise.

However it’s not the Promise in your coronary heart. It’s the one in theirs.

So use your energy to look into their hearts.

See what’s there.


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