Typhoon Malou heading for Ogasawara Islands

Typhoon Malou is heading for Japan’s Ogasawara Islands in the Pacific. People there are advised to be on alert for strong winds and high waves.

The Meteorological Agency says the typhoon was near the Ogasawara Islands and moving north-east at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour as of noon Thursday, Japan time.

Its central atmospheric pressure is 965 hectopascals, and its maximum wind speed is 126 kilometers per hour at its center. Its maximum instantaneous wind velocity is 180 kilometers.

Parts of the islands are now in the storm zone and winds are picking up.

The typhoon is expected to maintain its strength as it comes closest to the islands on Thursday evening.

A maximum wind speed of 144 kilometers per hour and maximum gusts of up to 198 kilometers per hour are forecast. Ten-meter waves are expected offshore.

The islands’ residents should brace for torrential rain. Precipitation over a 24-hour period through Friday morning is expected to reach 180 millimeters.

The Meteorological Agency is urging people to be prepared for possible landslides, flooding in low-lying areas and swollen rivers.

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