UK facing shortage of hay fever tablets after pollen warning

The arrival of spring and summer season climate will imply that barbecues will probably be fired up across the UK – however it’s a nightmare for many who undergo from an allergy to pollen.

Round 18 million Brits are affected yearly by hay fever, with itchy eyes and streaming noses inflicting issues each day within the hotter months. Normally, you can seize some Piriton to alleviate among the signs, however that is not the case as we speak. There is a scarcity of hay fever tablets within the likes of Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy, the Mirror studies.

It is right down to a scarcity of chlorphenamine maleate, which is the energetic ingredient in Piriton and different hay fever cures. Consequently, any hay fever victims will probably be compelled indoors to keep away from being affected by a excessive pollen rely. Different hay fever tablets are nonetheless out there, together with Piriton syrups for kids. In the meantime, the UK Met Workplace has issued a excessive pollen warning for each as we speak and tomorrow.

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Sarah Kent, a meteorologist on the Met Workplace, instructed The Telegraph: “Pollen levels will be high across much of the UK on Monday and Tuesday. At the moment it’s predominantly tree pollen, [but] grass season is just starting.

“You may start noticing symptoms more if you’re sensitive to grass pollen.”

When pollen enters the physique of a hay fever sufferer, it triggers the manufacturing of histamine, which then creates all these undesirable signs. That’s why anti-histamines may also help. (However histamines are the issues within the mind which preserve us alert, attentive and awake, which is why anti-histamines could make you drowsy).

Allergy UK have offered some useful suggestions in case you’re a hay fever sufferer:

  • Test pollen counts and keep away from going outside when these are excessive.
  • Bathe while you get indoors and alter garments to take away the allergens.
  • Keep away from drying garments on an out of doors washing line when pollen counts are excessive.
  • Apply a nasal barrier to forestall pollen getting into the nostril.
  • Maintain home windows closed when indoors – significantly early mornings and evenings when excessive quantities of pollen is within the air.
  • Wipe pets’ coats with a moist microfibre material to take away pollens that accumulate on their fur after they have been out.

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