Where to find the cheapest gas in L.A.-area ahead of Thanksgiving as prices hit new record

Los Angeles-area gas prices reached a new record high on Wednesday, just as millions of travelers in Southern California are expected to take a road trip this Thanksgiving.

The average cost for a price of regular unleaded (87) gasoline is ticking closer to $4.71 a gallon in L.A. and Long Beach, the most it’s ever been in the region, AAA data shows.

Of the estimated 4.4 million Southern California residents projected to travel at least 50 miles over the long holiday weekend, the vast majority will be driving to their destination, according to the Auto Club.

With gas prices so high, and the cost of fuel varying across L.A. — one gas station in the area was charging more than $6 a gallon on Wednesday morning, KTLA video showed — motorists will likely be looking to save as much as they can when filling up their tank.

The website GasBuddy.com can help drivers with that, tracking where the cheapest gas can be found across the U.S.

According to the fuel-pricing website, these 10 stations in the L.A. County area were charging the least per gallon, as of late Wednesday morning:

  1. Valero-Pomona: $3.99
  2. VP Racing Fuels – Pomona: $3.99.
  3. Sam’s Club-Gardena: $4.09
  4. Costco – Hawthorne: $4.09
  5. Valero – North Hills: $4.09
  6. Costco – Hawthorne: $4.09
  7. Costco – Inglewood: $4.09
  8. 76 – Glendale: $4.09
  9. ARCO – Huntington Beach: $4.15
  10. Costco – Huntington Beach: $4.15

(Note: The last two stations were listed under L.A. prices despite being in Orange County)

In addition to GasBuddy.com, AAA’s app also has a function that allows users to find the cheapest gas in their area.

“It’s so important to shop around,” says Doug Shupe, an Auto Club spokesperson. “Because, you know, here in Southern California, you don’t have to drive too far out of your way to find a station selling for less.”

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